“We’ve come to earth to unite, not to separate”- Rumi
The Secret Ensemble represents unity by a coalition of expert musicians who have taken Anatolian Sufi and Mystic music  along with influences from their own regions and created a brand new sound. They are experimenting  the new performing styles of Traditional Turkish instruments with the friendship of Western Chello and double bass. Their first project an album entitled , “Call of the Birds” features Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat.

Track Of The World magazine…

“The outstanding The Secret Ensemble from Istanbul Invited Vahdat to participate on this albüm. Its titile refers to Farid Ud-Din Attar’s classic Sufi Epic , The Conference of the Birds. The texts are from Persian and Turkish sprititual poetry by Yunus Emre, Pir Sultan Abdal, Hafez and others with the spirit of Sufi thinker Rumi hanging over it all. “ by Neil Van der Lindern~ Songlines

Some songs are  in Persian – some are in Turkish but any and all linguistic barriers were shattered and it was as if they all spoke the same language. “Those who share the same soul are preferred to those who speak the same language”.

The voice of Mahsa Vahdat, who sings in Persian and whose name means ‘Absolute Oneness’, and the voice of Neş’e, who sings in Turkish, have been transformed to The Call of The Birds, just like the cry, the call of Attar’s Simurgh… just like the edict of Ali, who was believed as the head of the gnostics says, “What You Seek Resides In You But You Don’t Realize”.

With “CALL OF THE BIRDS”, THE SECRET ENSEMBLE  are singing the brotherhood of people in the language of affection.

Coşkun Karademir / Music Director, Soloist, Baglama
Veysel Dalsaldi / Soloist
Neşe Demir / Soloist
M. Selçuk Erarslan / Classical Kamancha
Yasin Özçimi / Ney
Emre Sınanmış / Balaban
Murat Süngü / Violoncello
Özer Özel / Tanbur
Ömer Arslan /Percussion
Ömür Arslan / Percussion
Burak Cakir/ Percussion
Hakan Gürbüz / Acoustic Bass



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